August 20, 2016

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Winter 2018 – A new year, and lots of enthusiasm!

Well, 2017 was an awesome year, just as I thought. I released 3 singles, and am now two songs away from  a completed album! My music is moving in a great direction, and although the songwriting and music composition is touching on different genres, it still maintains a tropic/California style edge that’s been the basis of everything to this point.

It was also a busy year with the cover band “Bad Candy“, and improving my vocal abilities through fronting the band. My mission was to improve my singing in a public performance setting. Mission accomplished. I’m only a mediocre rock singer (in my estimation), but the improvement to my own music has been quite substantial.

Stay tuned for announcements! Aloha!

Summer 2017: Album release date? Hmm….

Yeah, I  know… I had good intentions of releasing the “One Desire” album this year. But progress was slow for such a long time, and now has picked back up again. I started a rock cover band “Bad Candy” last year, and there’s a been a lot fun going on around here, along with a lot of practicing and learning! It’s been great and worth every moment, and I’ve improved so much in several areas of music. In fact, we had a gig at a small pizza parlor last Friday. It was a great time and the crowd was enthusiastic and responded very well. Good times.

Anyway, I have a NEW SINGLE (actually a re-release from a demo that I posted a few years ago), called “Forever Girl“. I tracked drums with the amazing Keith Jones (Wicked Tinkers) several weeks ago, and it has an epic Reggae / Island vibe. It’s a brand new production of the song, along with a new vocal. It’s in the final stages of production, and should be out soon!

Spring 2017: New single, “Time to Unwind”, ready for release!

The new single is finished and will be released sometime before April 1 2017.

Fall 2016: It’s going to be a great year ahead!

Exciting news- work has begun on my new album for 2017, “One Desire”. Look for updates in the coming weeks and months!

October 2016: New release, “California Skies”

My greatest inspiration and muse is Kathryn Dunn, my wife of 29 years. Very simply, this is a love song inspired by her, composed on tenor ukulele. After playing it for weeks in several different tempos and styles, I felt it needed to be released in pure form- just ukulele and vocal. There will be second version, with a different arrangement, as the song continues to evolve.


August 2016: New release, “The Bay Arcade”

This is one of those songs that practically wrote itself. I instantly had ideas for production, and starting tracking it almost immediately, while the ideas were still fresh. I honestly didn’t even have the words memorized when I started tracking it! This is, and will continue to be, a free download on for the foreseeable future.


Summer 2016: New Website 

I decided it was time for a new website, with a whole new look including new photos from San Juan Capistrano. I think they turned out great- such a beautiful place for photography.



Where do I begin? It was a great Spring and Summer for writing, with a lot of new songs and inspirations. I’m looking forward to producing and recording in the months ahead.

As some of you know, I am the administrator of the Trop Rock Songwriter’s Alliance, a songwriter’s group on Facebook. We’ve gained over 400 members in the first year, and we have a showcase scheduled for November in Key West, Florida.  The showcase will take place during the annual music festival, known as the Meeting of the Minds. The event will be held at the Salty Angler on Duval Street, November 3rd from Noon to 4pm.

Update: I will not be attending the Songwriter’s Showcase this time around. I have some fantastic opportunities in my personal life that I am involved in that must take precedence. Fortunately there are some great organizers involved in the showcase- Harry Teaford from Radio A1A in Islamorada Florida, and fellow songwriters Gary Snead, Loren Davidson, and Key West Chris Rehm.


Upcoming Releases

Since releasing the EP “Out of the Blue”, I’ve been steadily releasing singles throughout this year. Some of these tracks are versions of songs that my be included on the upcoming LP “One Desire”, and represents a new approach of releasing music one song at a time. This allows me to get new music out to listeners and fans every 2 or 3 months instead of waiting an entire year or more for a new album.



I need to take a moment and thank a few people for my successes in music, and life:

Firstly, my wife of 28 years, Kathy Dunn. In the very beginning, she encouraged me to hire a vocal coach, which I reluctantly did. Best thing ever. Her love and encouragement to do this is more than I could ever ask for. She’s also the subject of most of the songs.. 🙂

Next, my dear friend and mentor, Danny Verdugo. His constant sage advice and willingness to take on my crazy melodies and make them completely wonderful is key to everything I’ve written and recorded.

Next, my vocal coach Lori Amador. She made it possible to get my voice going, even after many years of prior abuse to my voice. I can hardly believe what I’m able to sing thanks to her insight and coaching.

Vocal performance coach, Kiliyan Maguire, lead singer for the alternative rock band Charming Liars. Kilyan helped me fine tune my breathing and vocal technique resulting in more power and control. I’m learning more every day!

And lastly, my family and friends for the honest and ongoing support. Without all of you, there wouldn’t be a me!

More soon!

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